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What is HATCH?


HATCH is an innovative hospitality space dedicated to growing and incubating burgeoning talent in food and beverage. In addition to operating as a pop up and event space, HATCH also operates as a Diner + Bodega. The HATCH project also features a separate production kitchen and Ready-To-Drink (RTD) canning facility, providing collaborators with access to a wide network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and pioneers.

With an emphasis on empowering, accelerating, and innovating new hospitality ideas, HATCH provides a unique platform with a pop up venue available for dinners, special events, and more; a production kitchen to help scale products for a larger market; and a partner and mentorship program to help educate and guide procedures to make a business successful. 

Designed by Sean Dix, the HATCH restaurant space includes a full-fledged dining room to host dinner and cocktail events. The separate production facility and canning line can be used to create everything from recipes for licensing to food outlets to menu development for new restaurant concepts. The HATCH Bodega and network taps into creative and talented individuals worldwide to bring together a community that is versed in everything from running independent businesses to big name restaurant brands. In addition to providing extensive training in food, beverage and hospitality, the education and support from the HATCH team is meant to help share ideas from Hong Kong to the world.